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Overview of Annual General Meetings (AGMs) for federal corporations

Canadian Corporation are incorporated under and governed by the Canada Business Corporations Act R.S.C. 1985, c. C-44 (the “CBCA”). The directors of a Canadain Corporation must call an annual general meeting of the shareholders (“AGM”) within 18 months after incorporation and thereafter within 15 months of the preceding AGM, but no later than 6 months after the end of the corporation’s preceding financial year (CBCA, s. 133(1)). Find a detailed overview fo the AGM process […]

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Corporate Governance: Directors and Officers’ Liability

You are a corporate director or officer – do you know your duties, obligations, and potential liabilities? The content of this post is for information purposes only. It does not constitute legal advice and any reliance on it does not establish a lawyer client relationship with the author or with Yocto Law. Overview Starting a business is a particularly exhilarating endeavor. Founders are understandably preoccupied by the grueling tasks of setting up and financing their […]

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