Molecular Diagnostics

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This burgeoning Life Sciences industry sector is cross-disciplinary, crowded, competitive, and faces ongoing challenges in light of the changing regulatory and healthcare frameworks and a shift in the traditional business environment.

Success in this market require a committed legal partner who appreciates the legal and business realities of this sector, and, most importantly, understands the science that underpins a client’s business. This understanding is a direct indicator of the quality of work clients can expect.

Clients in the Molecular Diagnostics leverage Dr. Gabriella Chan’s advanced scientific expertise in diagnostics and her practical business experience in this sector to foster an enduring relationship based on a commitment to excellence in legal services.

Yocto’s clients receive tailored, well-rounded, and pragmatic advice informed by:

●  legal experience as former Vice President of Legal Affairs at a nanotechnology start-up

●  an advanced scientific background with PhD in molecular diagnostics

●  practical business experience working in start-ups developing POC diagnostic devices

●  experience working closely with scientific teams and world renowned researchers to commercialize academic inventions

●  experience negotiating licensing agreements with university technology transfer offices

Contact Yocto for assistance with:

●  IP portfolio development and strategic management including: assessment, enforcement, exploitation and commercialization of IP assets

●  Freedom to operate analyses and business strategy

●  Corporate matters including founders’ and shareholders’ agreements and executive compensation packages

●  Commercialization matters including drafting, review, and negotiation of licensing, distribution, employment, confidentiality, non-competition, strategic alliances, collaboration, R&D, and outsourcing agreements

●  Corporate governance matters including directors’ and officers’ liability

●  Development of policy and best practices manuals and training materials including: company policies, privacy policies, and IP policy manuals, as well as IP fundamentals instruction manuals

●  Regulatory compliance matters including diagnostic device approval, clinical trial management, and market access matters

●  Online-presence matters including: terms of use and privacy policies, trade-mark, trade-name, and domain name issues

●  Privacy matters including compliance with CASL

●  Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax credit program

●  Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) compliance

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