Business and Corporate Yocto LawOverview

Selecting a business structure requires care and appropriate legal guidance to ensure that a client’s business needs are addressed and that the business is protected from risks and liabilities that may affect its viability.

Daily business operations encompass a variety of ongoing legal needs, including drafting and negotiation of various contractual agreements, human resource matters, marketing and advertising issues, and privacy concerns.

Establishing a culture of candour and compliance with corporate governance matters enhances board and managerial effectiveness and ensures a steady hand at the corporate helm.

Yocto advises on a variety of business and corporate matters.

Contact Yocto for assistance with:

Business structure and formation matters

●  Business form and business name selection, name searches, and registration

●  Incorporation (Canada & Ontario) and corporate structuring

●  Drafting and negotiating general and limited liability partnership and joint venture agreements

●  Domain name and trade-mark registrations and business and marketing plan development strategies

●  Development of founders and shareholders agreements and executive and employee stock option plans and incentives

●  Business dissolution and wind-up

Operational and Commercial matters

●  Drafting, review, and negotiation of development, commercialization, manufacturing, vendor, outsourcing, supply, distribution, service and maintenance, commercial and equipment leases, and other commercial agreements

●  Review of RFP/RFQ submissions

●  E-Commerce matters including privacy policies, website terms of use, advertising and marketing agreements and associated due diligence

●  Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement in OEM, joint ventures, R&D, and material transfer relationships, public-private partnerships, and other strategic alliances

●  Review of private equity investments, venture capital and angel financing agreements

●  Transactional due diligence

●  Guidance on employment, compensation and HR matters including drafting, review, and negotiation of employment, consulting, non-disclosure and non-competition, and IP assignment agreements; executive and employee compensation matters including development of stock option and other equity compensation plans; and hiring and termination matters including employee policies and handbooks, recruitment and retention strategies, exit interview structure, and checklists

●  Conducting client-specific legal research

●  Management of externally retained counsel on behalf of clients

Corporate Governance matters

●  Governance education services on evolving statutory compliance matters including duties, obligations, and liabilities of directors and officers under the Canada and Ontario Business Corporations Acts (OBCA and CBCA) and implications of their breach

●  Development, review and evaluation of internal practices, policies, and procedures such as: internal and disclosure controls, codes of ethics, conflicts of interest and independence matters, CEO/CFO certifications and related disclosure, position descriptions, receipt, retention and handling of complaints, management succession and executive and employee compensation and benefit matters

●  Advice on the composition, responsibilities, and best practices guidelines for boards and committees

●  Review, evaluation, and advice on Directors’ and Officers’ Liability insurance (D&O Insurance) policy coverage to ensure appropriate protection for the business structure

●  Second opinions to supplement or confirm those of current counsel or auditors

●  Shareholder matters including relations, engagement, voting and other rights

●  Development of performance evaluation criteria and questionnaires for directors, officers, and employees, and internal investigation guidelines and procedures

●  Checklists, tools and practical resources to enhance compliance