IP Management Yocto LawOverview

IP is the backbone of businesses in the life sciences and technology industries.

Lawyers, inventors, and business executives value different facets of the IP asset framework. However, these views are more readily aligned when a lawyer possesses not only the requisite legal background but also advanced scientific training and hands-on business experience to truly understand a client’s business and provide sage and practical advice.

A multi-disciplinary background in a legal services provider ensures open, clear, unfettered, and efficient communication between lawyer and client that translates into a superior work product with cost savings for a client. Yocto provides ongoing counsel on a variety of IP matters.

Contact Yocto for assistance with:

Strategic protection and development

●  IP audits to identify IP assets, review and assessment of competitive strengths and risks of those assets, and develop strategies to extract revenue from underutilized assets

●  Freedom-to-operate analyses in preparation for commercial exploitation of IP

●  Ongoing strategic development of IP portfolios including protection strategies for patent and trade-mark families

●  Strategic protection and use of trade-marks, domain names, and social media to increase brand value through promotional and marketing efforts

●  Protection of trade secrets and other confidential business information in a variety of situations, including with respect to contracting out of services, departing employees and joint ventures

●  Development of internal IP management policies and training materials to maximize innovation and competitive strength by educating management and employees on strategic IP issues

●  Coordination of IP enforcement strategies

●  IP due diligence matters in business and commercial transactions

Exploitation and commercialization

Drafting, negotiating, reviewing, interpreting and advising on a variety of agreements including:

●  Patents, technology, trade-mark, and copyright licensing agreements, distribution, service, maintenance and support, supply and distribution of data, software, hardware and other technology agreements, franchising, merchandising, sponsorship, outsourcing, and online agreements

●  Joint development, research and collaboration, and material transfer agreements

●  Technology transfer arrangements with university and research institutions/hospitals

●  Trade secret, confidentiality, non-disclosure, IP assignment, employment, and other agreements outlining the rights and obligations of founders, employees, and contractors

●  Master and project specific agreements with CRO and site management organizations and OEM transactions

●  Review of financing and secured transactions agreements involving IP and other proprietary assets