Privacy Yocto LawOverview

Privacy law addresses the safekeeping of personal information. In our modern digital age, sensitive personal information is more readily accessed and collected by a wide variety of businesses and organizations ranging from the Canadian Revenue Agency, hospitals and healthcare providers, banking institutions, and telecommunications companies, to traditional and e-commerce businesses. Privacy matters affect everyone and businesses must be especially vigilant of the manner in which they collect, use, and safeguard personal information. Yocto advises clients on a variety of privacy realated matters.

Contact Yocto for assistance with:

●  Interpretation of federal and provincial privacy legislation and its application to specific client matters

●  Designing corporate personal information best practices manuals to educate employees and managers about privacy concerns

●  Drafting and review of corporate privacy policies and procedures both on and offline

●  Review and assessment of protocols and procedures for safekeeping of personal information

●  Development of response plans in the event of data and other privacy breach matters

●  Strategy development for protecting confidential business information from disclosure by government agencies

●  Responses to access to personal information requests

●  Compliance and contractual issues relating to Canadian privacy law and practice

●  Compliance with Canada’s new Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL)